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You can see what Jon has done in Redwood Valley for the victims of the 2017 fire. Not only that, he’s there pounding nails with the survivors! He’s an all action hero. What more could you want? Vote for Jon. It makes sense. — Mitchell Champi

I’ve known Jon since he was a teenage volunteer firefighter. He is such a good man - and he has lots of experience to back his candidacy too. I worked for a County Supervisor in Sonoma County, and know the challenges that job entails. Jon is a capable, kind, committed person who can easily fill that role. He is your best choice for Supervisor. — Susan Upchurch

After hearing Jon speak in a recent candidate’s forum, I was impressed with his pragmatic, no-nonsense, non-theoretical approach to tackling our local issues and challenges. He has my vote! — Dan Stearns

The primary role of local government is Public Safety. This has well been established by our State constitution and by most of our leaders. Public safety is much more than fire and police protection, it includes public health, mental health, our road department and the other county departments which provide public safety services.


I am endorsing Jon Kennedy for supervisor for the First District because he has experience in leading local government. He understands that a supervisor’s role is to make things better. I know both candidates well. My endorsement for Jon was not an easy decision because his opponent is a genuinely nice man. My endorsement is based on my belief that as we redefine government’s role, post-COVID, I think Jon has the ability to think of new solutions for our old problems.


The current Sheriff has also endorsed Jon, as has Retired Sheriff Jim Tuso. We all made our decision separately, but ultimately realized that we need Jon on the board to help lead our county through the ever changing new obstacles which we are facing.


The most important thing that you can do is to vote for the candidate of your choice. Who do you feel best represents issues that are important to you? Please study the many propositions on our ballot and be an informed voter. If you live in the First District, I would encourage you to give Jon Kennedy consideration. — Tom Allman, Retired Mendocino County Sheriff

I am proud to endorse and support Jon Kennedy for 1st District Supervisor of Mendocino County. Jon has shown for years to have the skills and knowledge to be a leader in this county. He is a small business owner, home builder and wears many other hats that serve our community. Jon will do a great job! — Jeff Kram


I endorse Jon Kennedy for Mendocino County Supervisor.  Mendocino County is currently facing several challenges due to the recent COVID-19 issues including economic struggles and many other factors.  These challenges will have direct impacts on budgets, revenue, emergency responses, and daily unforeseen challenges in serving the public.  We need to remember our government serves our public.

I have had several conversations with Mr. Kennedy.  I was also able to have a long conversation with retired Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood.  Sheriff Hagwood was very clear as he described the dedication and work ethic which Mr. Kennedy brought to his position as a Supervisor in Plumas County.   Sheriff Hagwood explained that Mr. Kennedy had been a Supervisor during the economic collapse in 2010.  Sheriff Hagwood also pointed out Jon Kennedy was forced to make choices for all citizens during these hard times.  Much of the positive outcomes, Sheriff Hagwood directly attributed to Jon Kennedy’s dedication and ability to work with his peers.  

I believe Mr. Kennedy’s experience and work ethic will serve Mendocino County during our current troubling times.  I also believe Mr. Kennedy has a track record of making hard choices and viewing problems from all angles.

— Mendocino County Sheriff, Matt Kendall

"In today's challenging times, we're going to need county supervisors who will work with honesty and great skill for the benefit of their constituents, to include their employees. Mendocino County would be lucky to have Jon in that roll and Redwood Chapter encourages voters who live in Mendocino County's First District to elect Jon Kennedy Supervisor."

— Peace Officers Research Association of California

 As a 3rd term Plumas County Supervisor, I have worked with many Supervisors over the years. Jon Kennedy was a great Supervisor, and it was a pleasure working with him. If you are looking for someone who will work hard, has lots of energy, will get to the bottom of those pressing issues, will represent all, and will listen to your concerns, Jon is your Supervisor. He has the ability to read and understand the county budget like the back of his hand, and can be counted on to make those tough but fair decisions when needed. Mendocino County would be lucky to have him as 1st District Supervisor"  — Lori Simpson / Plumas County Supervisor

When voting for Mendocino County District 1 Supervisor:


I have, in one manner or another, engaged with Jon Kennedy, John Sakowicz, and Glenn McGourty at different points in my life. If character is any consideration at all in your choice, if it matters that someone will not speak down to you, if it matters that someone will always treat you with dignity and respect, if it matters that the candidate have the integrity to do the job of getting things done, then vote Jon Kennedy.



— Jeff Silva-Brown

I have known Jon Kennedy for over 10 years. I have always admired his leadership skills and standing up for what is right in a manner that brings both sides to the table, and get big issues settled. 

As a 4th generation farmer, County Supervisor and community member, I know what it takes to be an effective leader and advocate for all the people, and Jon Kennedy hits all the marks. 

— Doug Verboon - County Supervisor / Farmer

In my 22 years in law enforcement, 16 of of those years in Mendocino County, I have a good understanding of what it takes to be a great County Supervisor. In my many conversations with Jon, I determined he is one of the most knowledgable candidates, I have chosen to support. His past experience as a Supervisor in Plumas County, coupled with his knowledge of Mendocino County (especially post fire), make him the most qualified for the job. Please join me in voting for the best candidate, and most qualified person to support our district. — Erik Baarts

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jon for over 40 years. Integrity, honesty and compassion are just a few of the many qualities in which he possesses. Jon is not looking for accolades or a pat on the back. He truly cares about people. A guy who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and jump in. — Christian Day

Days before his first day in office Jon walked into mine, asking pointed questions about our operational efficiency. He has the most intelligent approach to law enforcement funding and priority of the many supervisors I interacted with during my two terms, and an apparent inability to be pushed around (despite our best efforts). If Mendocino County wants a supervisor who understands the sweet spot between government's fiscal and social responsibilities, Jon's your man. — Plumas County District Attorney 2002-2010, Jeff Cunan

I worked with Jon after the Oct.'17 fires. He is a man who truly cares about people. Everything he told me he would do, he did! Honesty is huge with me as is integrity! I have found Jon to possess both! — Michael McCulloch

Jon Kennedy is a member of the MROC Committee and has provided a wealth of knowledge to the committee. Jon really cares about his community and the people who live here. — Tami Bartolomei

Supervisor Kennedy brought out the best in the county organization to better serve the entire community. He worked tirelessly to understand county health and human services delivery systems and collaborated locally and statewide to advocate for rural communities. His willingness to lead with purpose, while rolling up his sleeves, carried Plumas County through difficult budget times to prioritize our most complex social issues. All the while, he never lost sight of the humanity in the people he served. With his support and policy work, Plumas County launched formal partnerships with our 3 district hospitals to collaboratively improve community health, reinvigorated broad civic engagement in sweeping federal and state health and mental health system changes, and elevated the role and impact of the county health services agency. He couldn't accomplish this without dedication, intellect, but most importantly, his enormous heart.

Mimi Hall
Plumas County Public Health Agency Director, 2008-2017 — Mimi Hall

Even if you work half as hard to be a Mendocino County Supervisor as you do a Disaster Case Manager, Mendocino County would be lucky to have you! — Eva King

Supervisor Kennedy had an uncanny ability to cut through the nonsense and get straight to the point. His understanding of Health and Human Services (behavioral health) and how it relates to law enforcement, the toll it takes on staff and most importantly, the patient, was a breath of fresh air.

We may have wrangled during budget times, but Jon always had the interests of the citizens at the forefront, with no personal agenda to promote.


— Former Plumas County Sheriff, Greg Hagwood

I hope everyone gets out and votes for their District Supervisors. I strongly endorse Jon Kennedy for District 1. He is the man with a plan to lead Mendocino County in the right direction . He is a stand up guy who brings a wealth of experience to the table. 👍 — Christian Luiz

Fellow has-been and former Humboldt County Supervisor, gladly endorses Jon Kennedy. — Mark Lovelace

Jon has been very helpful with the process of rebuilding our home. He has been a true advocate for the survivors of the recent fires. We think he would be a great supervisor! — Don and Sharon Foster

I have had the privilege to interact with Jon over three phases of my life: First, as a peer in high school where he passionately served as our Student Body President. Second, as a volunteer firefighter in Sonoma County where he religiously attended training and inspired us to be our best in times of need. Lastly, as a CAL FIRE chief officer and appointee of two Governors when I saw him advocate for survivors of some of the worst wildland fires our state has ever seen.

Is he blunt? Yes! Is he compassionate with a servant’s heart? Absolutely!!! I give my endorsement of Jon without hesitation and with a full heart after seeing all he’s done for his neighbors and his constituents.

— Janet Upton - Retried Fire Chief / Cal Fire Deputy Director

I worked with Jon on his campaign for Plumas County Supervisor. To be honest, i didn't follow his work there so I can't speak to that. But what I did learn is that he is wicked smart, funny and you couldn't find anyone more dedicated to public service. — Steve Shepherd

No nonsense leadership. — Jason Klemesrud

Jon did a fine job as supervisor in Plumas. We miss his voice. He’ll do a great job for Mendocino ! — John Sheehan

My dad is one of the hardest working men I know. Without him, I wouldn't have the opportunities I do today. Over 30 years ago, my dad had a major heart attack at work. I thank Jon Kennedy for being there, reviving him, and riding in the ambulance with him. Jon saved my dad's life, which made my family's life better. Jon is one of the best people I know! — Mousa Husary

Jon Kennedy cares more about local politics and the people he represents than any supervisor I’ve ever seen. His dedication to his community goes beyond the scope of the run-of-the-mill politician. — Michael Danger

I've known Jon Kennedy my entire life and he has always been a person that will get the job done. When I needed help he was right there for me. Jon is a family man who honors and loves his family greatly. I believe he looks at his community through this same lens. Jon is brilliant, kind, dedicated, hard working and honest. Having Jon Kennedy at the helm as Supervisor would truly be a great asset for Mendocino County. — Kimberlee Kayton

Jon is an honest man with experience in local government. He worked hard for our county and was an advocate for our children. We need people like Jon in government. — Carol and Richard Martinez

Jon was elected Plumas County Supervisor during the Great Recession while we were struggling to keep Chalet View Lodge open. He worked tirelessly and effectively his entire tenure, I truly don’t think the county would have stayed solvent without him. Mendocino County would be wise to elect him. — Bob Hickman

I think Jon Kennedy would do a great job! he has my vote — Scott Harpe

I've known Jon for nearly 40 years. Plain and simple, if you want someone to get the job done, think reasonably and logically, who has more compassion and work ethic than most people I know—a friend who will drop anything to help a complete stranger, Jon Kennedy is your guy. — Jason Lewis
Tom Allman
Tom Davenport
Ernie Wipf
Dan Stearns
Angie Rabbiosi
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Lori Simpson - Plumas County Supervisor
Doug Verboon - Kings County Supervisor
Kevin Goss - Plumas County Supervisor
Anthony Farrington - Former Lake County Supervisor -
Lorne Chase
Tim and Kate Roemer
Chuck Vau
Frost Pauli
Pete Bushby
Scott Harpe
Carol and Richard Martinez
Sandra Pardo-Ruiz
Kimberly Kayton
Janet Upton - Retired Fire Chief / Cal Fire Deputy Director
Michael Danger
Mousa Husary
John Sheehan
Jason Lewis
Jason Klemesrud
Tom Joyce
Steve Shepherd
Greg Hagwood - Former Plumas County Sheriff
Bob Hickman
Don and Sharon Foster
Mark Lovelace
Christian Luis
Eva King
Mimi Hall
Tami Bartolomei
Michael McCulloch
Jeff Cunan - Former Plumas County District Attorney
Christian Day
Erik Baarts
Darrel Billups
Jim Apperson
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